Try our seasonings in a drink, or simply adding your own gusto to a dish.

Our collaboration with Jovik Bros, City Spice is perfect as a rub or seasoning or on your rim of your cocktail for a truly unique experience. Try Mary Makings for a more personalized bloody mary or as a spicy seasoning option.

Mary Makings Bloody Mary Seasoning

Mary Makings instant Bloody Mary Seasoning, 2022 Gold Medal winner at the International Drunken Tomato Awards. For when you want your bloody seasoned how you like it. Black Pepper, White Pepper, Garlic, Celery Salt and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes make this seasoning a stand out.


Try it on wings, popcorn, tofu, green beans or as a seasoning for blackened shrimp, fish or chicken.

Mary Makings
Instant Bloody Mary Seasoning

Winner of the 2022 Drunken Tomato Awards Gold Medal for Dry Seasoning, Mary Makings is the St. Louis option for a Bloody Mary your way. A little or a lot, make our Bloody your Bloody.

City Spice
Sweet Curry

Brownulated Sugar, Kosher Salt, Yellow Curry. Sweet, Salty, Savory all in the versatile Spice. Try it on the rim of your Paloma or Margarita. Try it in deviled eggs, popcorn, or sour cream as a dip. How will you CITYSPICE?

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"A Bloody A Day Keeps Boredom At Bay"
-Someone Amazing, Probably.