Big. Bold. Always Low Sodium & Gluten Free.

Our Bloody Mary mixes were concocted to deliver the perfect combination of heat, flavor and a complete lack of weekend motivation. Your Bloody should be as bold as you are. #themixmakesthemary

The Mix Makes The Mary
Premium Bloody Mary Mixes

St. Louis' Award winning, Premium Bloody Mary Mix. As bold as you are. The mix makes the Mary.

T.S. Butcher Presents
Sweat & Tears

Our first release, Sweat & Tears has won awards in The Drunken Tomato, The Fifty Best and The Sip Awards, cementing its reputation as one of the Worlds Best Mixes. Gluten free and only 4% sodium.

T.S. Butcher Presents
Mild Mannered Mary

All of the Flavor with just a small kick of Black Pepper, this is perfect for the more sensitive palette.

Where to Buy
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"A Bloody A Day Keeps Boredom At Bay"
-Someone Amazing, Probably.